Dog walking / Drop in visits

Dog Walking - Drop-in Visits

Dog Walking and Drop-in Visit Services in Plympton, Halifax, Kingston, Hanson, Carver and Middleboro, MA

 Do you work long days, or just live a busy lifestyle and you’re always in and out of the house? Do you feel bad leaving your beloved furry family member home because they can’t go everywhere? Well, we have you covered! Dog walking is a fantastic option for those rambunctious pups that need to get out and about. Not only is it good exercise, but being outside they get enrichment from the environment around them. All the sights, sounds and smells that may be a blur to us are very evident to our dogs.  For young and elderly dogs a 15-minute walk may be enough, but for those wild and free adolescents, we also have 30 minute and 60-minute time slots available. If you live on a quiet side street or even have trails in your backyard that’s perfect. If you live on a busy street with no trail access don’t sweat it, we can pick your pooch up and take them somewhere close by for their walk. If you have a fenced-in yard and prefer your dog run the yard that works great as well. Our drop-in visits can be for playtime, potty breaks, medication, a walk or a combination of any of these. For all of these services, price varies by time and how many dogs need care. No matter which service you choose know that your pet is in the hands of professionals and will receive the best care because they deserve it.

Our Dog Walking / Drop-in Visit Rates

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