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Doggie Day Care - Kennedy K9 Camp

Doggie Day Care Services in Plympton, Halifax, Kingston, Hanson, Carver and Middleboro, MA

Doggie day care is a great service for dogs that need to start or continue socialization. Beyond just playing with dogs socialization takes many things into account. Not only will your dog be around other dogs, but camp is on a functioning horse farm. At camp, your dog will see, hear and smell horses, goats and chickens as well as any camp workers. Our daycare area is sand, with a small indoor area for shade, rest and to keep warm/cool. We have 6 acres to roam as well including grassy fields and a trail through the woods at the rear of the property. All of these different environments are a big part of socialization. A dog that sees the same 4 walls and feels the same surfaces daily will feel a sort of culture shock when venturing into the world. Attending camp your dog will get to encounter many new things to build positive experiences with them and be a well-rounded dog. Playgroups at camp are kept small, maximum fun without stress. We play games such as tug, fetch, chase and puzzles to stimulate the brain. If a pup needs rest they have access to a quite comfortable crate with either a filled kong or licki matt to keep their brains busy.  All campers will be picked up and dropped off by us at camp so you don’t need to be home but if you are that’s no problem. Pick up and drop off is included in the daycare price. Pick up is between 8:30-9:30 am and drop off between 3:30-4:30 pm. For safety, all campers during transport are to be crated if possible so your dog being crate trained is very important. We offer ½ day of daycare as well but for half days owners are responsible for dropping off and picking up. Currently, day care is offered between Monday – Saturday.

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Doggie Day Care - Kennedy K9 Camp
Doggie Day Care - Kennedy K9 Camp

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